When does Hong BBQ & Hot Pot open?
Our Tampa & Bradenton locations are officially open! We anticipate our Grandville, Pittsburgh, & Lakeland locations to open 2024
What are your hours?

1pm – 12am every day. 

Can I make a reservation?
Please call the location directly for more information.
What is Hot Pot?
Hot pot is not merely a dish, but an experience. An Eastern tradition of a gathering of friends and/or family to cook an array of ingredients in a slow-cooked broth – thinly sliced meats, mushrooms, seafood, vegetables, tofu, noodles, and much more. This warm atmosphere creates a cozy and relaxing environment. Hot Pot is sometimes referred to as “Chinese Fondue”.
What is the origin of Hot Pot?

Hot pot is a Chinese tradition dating back to the Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 256 BC). With Hot pot being a very social activity, it quickly became very popular as they enhance friendship and unite family, colleagues, and friends. Although originating in China, other parts of Asia quickly began to enjoy their own variations of Hot Pot. This unique way of dining has spurred the popularity of Hot Pot in Western cultures as well.

Fun fact: Emperors and Empresses used to hold hot pot banquets to welcome winter. Come dine like royalty at Hong BBQ & Hot Pot!

How do we order Hot Pot?
First, select your broth, then order whatever meats, vegetables, noodles, etc. off the menu to your heart’s content!
How do we cook food in Hot Pot?

Simply dip your selection of food in your broth and wait until it’s fully cooked! Cooking times will vary by item. For additional assistance, speak with one of our team members when dining in!

Are there vegetarian options?
At Hong BBQ & Hot Pot, we offer an array of ingredients that include many vegetarian options.
What is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is a social dining experience involving the gathering of friends and family while providing a highly social and entertaining environment. Known for its tender, thinly sliced, grilled meats with sweet and spicy flavors, it’s easy to see how KBBQ has infiltrated the American foodie scene! Everyone gathers around the grill to cook up all sorts of different meats, seafood, vegetables, and more, with meats being the main event!

How do we cook Korean BBQ?

After selecting what types of items you want to try (bulgogi and kalbi are must-haves!), simply place it on your grill, wait for it to fully cook, then enjoy! Cooking times will vary by item. For additional assistance, speak with one of our team members when dining in!