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Welcome to our endless Chinese Hot Pot & Korean Style BBQ experience.

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Looking for the best all you can eat Chinese Hot Pot? Look no further! Chinese Hot pot, also known as Chinese fondue, is a popular cooking method throughout China and other Asian countries. It’s an entertaining activity, especially with friends and family members. The broth inside the pot boils over our specially designed heaters, and you have a variety of protein options (meatballs and thinly sliced beef are popular) to add to your pot. In addition to the protein choices, you can add noodles, vegetables, tofu, and more into your soup. The broth comes in many different styles (see our menu for options). It’s quite nutritious as it absorbs all the nutrients and flavors when cooking your meat and vegetables in the broth base. You can either enjoy our Chinese hot pot by itself or enjoy it along with our authentic Korean BBQ!


We introduce our Korean style BBQ concept, which has been a tradition passed down many generations of Korean history. Our Korean BBQ experience begins by firing up the grill at your table. All you can eat Korean BBQ, choose from our vast selection of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and various vegetables; don’t forget to invite your grill master! While there are many side dishes to enjoy Korean BBQ with, the meats are definitely the main attraction. Many of the meats are already marinated, carefully crafted by our chefs, so all you need to do is grill it up and enjoy the amazing flavors of our Korean style delicacies.

Enjoy an authentic Chinese Hot Pot & Korean BBQ experience while dining like royalty.

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Whether you are looking for a lunch date, family night out, or a quiet and romantic dinner, the Hong BBQ & Hot Pot is the best Asian restaurant for you. We promise to make it a meal to remember!